Private label omega-3 contract manufacturing

ImperialOel provides a unique, one-stop solution for private label omega-3 customers. This full-service package includes comprehensive advice and support from product conception to final release.

  • We operate a dedicated bottling line, designed to optimize nitrogen protection, and deliver a shelf-ready product with the perfect tasteno fishy off-notes.
  • Our formulas are underpinned by research and address health issues across a range of age groups.
  • We are not limited to certain manufacturers’ ingredients. We independently choose those that best fit.
  • We are flexible and can support production runs from 1,000 to 100,000 bottles at competitive prices.
  • Our decades of experience in the omega-3 business enable us to address our customers’ legal questions and health claims issues.
  • We have been a pioneer in Europe, introducing omega-3 liquids to the market over 10 years ago. We are knowledgeable in even the most sensitive areas, such as infant formula.
  • We sell our own consumer brand, MarisPlus Omega-3, on Amazon and thus have first-hand knowledge in setting up a shelf-ready bottle.
  • As a service to our private label omega-3 customers, we keep you updated about news from the omega-3 industry.

Ingredient choice and product concept

We develop tailor-made formulations for innovative supplements brands. We determine with our customers which ingredients fit best into a product formulation. We aim to produce liquids with the best taste, free from undesired off-notes. We have an eye on current legislation, health claims, and trends in the industry. With our private label omega-3 liquids, you will not receive an ordinary, conventional product but rather a superior supplement designed especially for your target group.

We have access to low-oxidized, stable fish and algal oils that we combine with various active ingredients (e.g., vitamins, astaxanthin and plant-based oils) and flavor agents.

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Sourcing and packaging

We see product design as a priority for your sales success. Fortunately, we can fill various bottle formats at our production line. Our private label omega-3 customers choose between plastic or glass bottles of different shapes and colors. We can adjust bottle size to your requirements, always focusing on the consumer’s preference. We have a network of reliable packaging suppliers and take care of supply, quality approval and production. We count on long-term relationships with all our suppliers to establish reliable, safe and long-term oriented supply chains.

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Quality and regulatory advice

Our private label omega-3 products stand out because of their exceptional taste and the potential ingredients inside. To meet our high standards, we have a skilled team of quality-assurance experts keeping an eye on suppliers’ specifications, evaluating new partners, and assessing potential ingredients. Each production run undergoes a complex system of checks and approvals. We approve every raw material batch and check bottles and caps carefully prior to production.

Whenever required, we work with accredited lab partners to carry out analyses to assure specified parameters are met and relevant contaminant levels are respected.

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Production and release

Working with omega-3 fatty acids means avoiding oxidation. Minimizing contact with oxygen allows us to achieve a more stable product. For this reason, we have extensively customized our filling machinery. Our process is specifically designed for omega-3 liquids and includes a full nitrogen atmosphere throughout the whole filling process. This is a fundamental pre-condition for our products’ superior quality and stability.

We are able to produce on small and large scales.

After production, we carry out a final approval procedure before private label omega-3 products are released for sale

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Line extension and innovation

After a private label omega-3 product has been launched, we remain at our customers’ disposal. We offer ongoing support for customers’ requests and give guidance on upcoming regulations. Our growing team of quality and legal experts provides invaluable support.

Together with our customers, we have an eye on potential product improvements and reformulations. We offer consultations on line extensions, and we can successfully support and implement several development projects simultaneously.  

Do you have any questions? Our experts are here to help!

Our consumer brand

With MarisPlus Omega-3, we offer our own consumer supplement brand on Amazon: a fresh, liquid, premium omega-3 oil with a pleasant tasteno fishy off-notes.

MarisPlus Omega-3 provides exceptionally high levels of EPA and DHAthree times more than conventional fish oil capsules. It is composed entirely of natural triglycerides, with environmental contaminants and oxidative by-products efficiently removed, making MarisPlus Omega-3 suitable for young children, and expecting and breastfeeding mothers.

The MarisPlus purity requirements:

  • Exclusively obtained from fresh cod liver (Gadus morhua)
  • No additional fish or vegetable oils
  • No artificial concentrations of omega-3s
  • No synthetic additives, preservatives or genetic engineering
  • Strict adherence to CA Prop 65 pollutant standards

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