Expert ingredients assistance in formulation and omega-3 supplement B2B support

The omega space provides virtually endless options—and challenges. We help you make the right choices for your product and your brand, following the latest science, regulatory implications and consumer trends. Therefore, we offer comprehensive omega-3 supplement B2B support to ensure your success in this dynamic market. You can trust that we know what we are talking about, as we possess expertise derived from our own B2C branded omega-3 supplement product MarisPlus with high ratings on Amazon.

Product concepts and solutions

We successfully develop innovative product concepts according to your requirements and the latest science. Whether you need omega-3 supplement B2B support or other specialized offerings, our products succeed on the market because of their high quality and unique selling points.

Throughout the development process, we will handle the time-intensive tasks such as stability testing, lab trials, and sensory testing with our trained taste panel. The entire process is designed to efficiently produce optimum results for our customers.

Our excellent in-house regulatory experts and external partners are happy to assist you with regulatory considerations for special markets worldwide. We can advise on labeling requirements, GB standards for China, EU novel foods regulation, and EU and USDA organic laws.

Technology and omega-3 supplement B2B application support

Omega-3 and omega-6 ingredients are prone to oxidation. Special knowledge is required to handle the ingredients correctly to produce stable products that taste great. Our team of technological experts offers omega-3 supplement B2B support and is seasoned at assisting customers in various fields to optimize their production set-up, improve the sensory experience of their finished products, and optimize handling and protection of the sensitive omega-3 ingredients. We can help you improve the sensory qualities of infant formula products and supplements, extend the stability and shelf-life of products, or switch from omega-3 powder to direct oil injection to reduce the cost of producing infant formula.

Science and research

The significant role of omega-3 fatty acids in human health

Omega-3 fatty acids are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) that play a significant role in human health. These fatty acids are essential, which means that the body cannot produce them on its own, so they must be obtained through diet. Most important for human health are the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). They are involved in important bodily functions, such as brain and heart function, and they play a role in vision and maintaining normal blood lipid levels.

DHA and EPA are indispensable because they are present in every cell of the body and perform  various functions—for example, they are relevant for the structure and flexibility of the cell membrane. They are also involved in the transmission of stimuli and information from cell to cell: the body converts EPA/DHA to form “signaling molecules” that are crucial for the functioning of  fundamental bodily functions

State of research on potential health effects

The potential health effects are diverse, as omega-3 plays a significant role in many bodily processes. Numerous studies on omega-3 fatty acids are conducted each year: as of 2022, approximately 50,000 papers about DHA and EPA had been published in scientific journals, including more than 4,000 human clinical trials. Focus areas include:

  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Vision
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Sports performance
  • Pregnancy outcomes
  • Brain development
  • Eye development
  • Many others

Expert direction: Translating science into success​

Our experts can help you navigate the complex range of omega-3 and omega-6 benefits and stay up-to-date on the latest scientific research. Our in-house expertise allows us to evaluate the strength of new evidence and use that knowledge to guide our customers. We place great importance on areas that are less discussed but have particularly significant benefits—for example, pregnancy, breastfeeding, early childhood development, and nutrition for babies and young children.

We participate in leading global conferences on the latest science and share updates with our customers and partners. We are members of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3. We regularly interact with leading scientists and universities as collaborators on omega-3 research and are happy to facilitate research partnerships for our clients.

Thus, our experts are the perfect fit to provide omega-3 supplement B2B support tailored to your needs.

Product Concepts & Solutions

Technology & Application Support

Regulatory Advice

Science & Research

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